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ECOUTURE is a fashion show in which innovative design and the entropy of nature meet in unity. Students from KUAS and both Stieglitz and SUITD from St. Petersburg have created the show in cooperation. ECOUTURE on luonnon entropiasta inspiroitunut muotinäytös, jonka toteutus on Kyamkin sekä pietarilaisten Stieglitzin ja SUITD:n opiskelijoiden yhteinen taidonnäyte. Here we as a design team organized an amazing show, also I participated as a runway model. The organizers remain committed to raising awareness of the true cost of fast-fashion, and to promoting local, sustainable fiber and designer talent with a hope that this will help to increase consumer consciousness in making more informed ‘fashion choices’. Ecouture has gained momentum and popularity because fashionistas and consumers alike have become increasingly aware of the impact of our fast-clothing purchasing trends on our environment. A new consciousness in clothing spending is taking hold! ‘Buy Less, Buy Better’… a concept embedded in the slow-clothes (buy local, high-quality, environmentally-friendly, and long-lasting) movement that is rapidly gaining the attention of us all.


  • event management
  • Exhibition Design
  • textile prints